Friday, November 1, 2013


(From a previous article about SLIME)...

I have some good news and some bad news.  

A conference of the members of the ad hoc group COAMB (Citizens Outraged About Media Bias) was called this week.  
  • The bad news is that only one member showed up for the conference.  
  • The GOOD news is that there is only one member in the group, so attendance was actually 100 percent, and that expedited the conference remarkably.
The breakthrough resolutions were the following. These were passed by acclamation, and indeed voting on these matters was unanimous.

A name for the Socialist Liberal Media was created as the acronym:  SLIME  

There was debate about calling certain aspects of SLIME by different names, and suggestions were thrown against the wall to see if they would stick, and indeed some of them did stick. After all, it IS SLIME.

Global warming or greenies in the media can be referred to as the GREEN SLIME.

Extreme Lefties in the media can be called RED or PINK or PINKO SLIME.

Other distinctions that emerged were to differentiate among the Print SLIME, the Broadcast SLIME, and even Internet SLIME, but the overwhelming consensus was that SLIME was SLIME and that any distinction as to the type of SLIME could be appended to the term SLIME in order to be specific, such as, CNN SLIME, MSNBC SLIME, NBC SLIME, CBS SLIME.

In fact when referring to a particular employee of the SLIME, one could indicate their membership in their particular SLIME by using the reference like this, for example:  Jane Doe CBS SLIME, Joe Blow NBC SLIME, etc.

There was considerable debate about ever having been reported about in the SLIME, and that term was determined as having been SLIMED, such as were prominent notables, Sarah Palin, Joe the Plumber, Rush Limbaugh, and a list too long to mention here.

The tactics of the SLIME were the subject of great discussion and those tactics of course are known as SLIME-ing, or SLIMEING.

It was noted that the editing of interviews with the use of "B" rolls, recording questions off camera or on another camera and inserting them where it appears that an interviewee had answered the question, definitely fit in the category of SLIMEING.

The consensus was that because Socialist Liberal Media (SLIME) can be used as a noun, a verb, adjective, and an adverb, and because it so adequately describes the SLIME for which this term has been adopted, this term therefore should be disseminated far and wide  so that the use of this term creates a severe impact on the SLIME that now pretends to be the protector of the good citizens of this great nation, and its Constitution.... MORE

And if you or someone you know has ever been unfortunate enough to be SLIMED by the SLIME, and wish to relate such an experience, a place has been created here so that you can post that experience at your convenience. 

And if you should want to note specific examples of SLIMEING by the SLIME and wish to relate that example to others, you are welcome to write about that here also.

In conclusion the COAMB conference was a huge success, and when the attendee was asked why he looked so disheveled and grimed, he replied, "Well, that's how you get when you're dealing with SLIME."