Friday, July 12, 2013

The Nasty Little Lies Of Pesky Government Spies, And Their War On The Constitution...

Jennifer Epstein reports in Politico today that the Attorney General and your illustrious President met today about the Justice Department's report detailing guidelines for criminal investigations involving members of the media.

She says the two met in the Oval Office, but White House Press Secretary Jay Carney isn't saying what they talked about.  She did say this:
"...As POLITICO's Josh Gerstein reported on Thursday, the report is said to require more internal approvals for requests of phone and e-mail records, including from Justice's public affairs office. That has been a customary practice at DOJ for years, but was not rigorously followed in some cases during the George W. Bush Administration or in the recent case involving the AP..."
I hope the subtle dig against former President George Bush didn't go unnoticed. That's in case you need someone to blame, of course.

In case you missed it, at issue is the fact that the Justice Department investigated Fox News reporter James Rosen, and presented him to a judge as a co-conspirator in an espionage case, involving a leak of classified information.  The Justice Department in effect "criminalized" the action of a reporter doing his job.  Traditionally the media, which reports on what is leaked, is not investigated as part of the criminal act of leaking classified information.  However, Attorney General Eric Holder, who apparently signed off on the Rosen investigation, made him an exception.  When it got out that Rosen was investigated, there was resultant media and public outrage, of course.  And the President then ordered Eric Holder, who violated the first amendment of the constitution by investigating Rosen, to investigate himself, and to report to him his findings, which brings us to today's big show pow-wow in the Oval Office.

The problem is, regardless of what "rules" they pass, regardless of how much they whine and pine about the Constitution, or however much they lament about the need to violate the Constitution for "national security reasons," and however much they harp about achieving a balance between your rights and national security, the damage is already done.

Your President and Eric Holder already went after a reporter for political reasons. The IRS already went after a political faction for political reasons.  The NSA already has your information.  They know, apparently where you went, what you paid for, who you talked to, for how long, and apparently they know what you shop for, what you like, what you purchase and how much of it, and even what you use to pay for it. AND they also know this about the entire world, as the NSA leaker has so eloquently made clear, the NSA has also been spying on Europeans, and for all we know, they are spying on the details of aliens on Jupiter and Mars.

They haven't a clue about who's coming across our southern border, but credit card usage on Venus?  Hey, that's in the bag.

In case you didn't notice, they are trying to plug the holes in the giant sieve of national secrets by trying to stop "national security" leaks.  They know they've "been made."  So how do they get ahead of all this?  How do you stifle free speech?  How do you cause that much-debated "chilling effect?"

Well, my fellow Vanguards, who exactly is going to spill their guts to a reporter, if they think they are being watched, listened to, and that everything they have ever said and done, and where they have been, is already on record at the NSA?  Hmmm?

The Obama/Holder meeting at the White House is just a show.  They'll pass the rules. And these rules will trump your Constitution, of course.  They need these rules, because, although they may have read the Constitution once, they have no regard for it, and they certainly have no regard for the propaganda arm of the government:  The Socialist Liberal Media...(SLIME for short).

They really don't care about the SLIME.  That's not their target.  They know the SLIME is on their side.

The real target is YOU:  The "citizen" blogger; the "citizen" reporter; the Conservative media; the Tea Party media.

Want to dry up a reporter's confidential sources?  Leak out, not just that you're watching, but that you already have their conversations, whereabouts, and all the nasty little details about their personal lives on record.

What next?

Next they are going to say that they can read your thoughts. Get ready for thought control.

Oh wait.  They've already accomplished that with "political correctness" and the charge of the hate crime of "racism," if you happen to belch in the wrong direction.

Carney wasn't saying what went on at that meeting, but it is rumored... and this is a rumor I heard from someone this morning at the convenience store,  where I got my coffee, a conversation on file at the NSA, I might add... that today in the hallway outside the Oval Office could be heard:  "...We're going to put them away, ha, ha, ho, ho, hee, hee..."

And get this: (wink, wink)... There's a rumor that you can reverse the spying or snooping.  Apparently someone has developed an app that can reverse the NSA spying (with a few adjustments of their computer "code")  and turn everything around on the snoopers.  Wouldn't YOU like all that access to the NSA, the White House, and all their pesky little minions?  How's that for a nasty little rumor?

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